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Biblical Meaning of a Kiss in a Dream | Dream Meaning Kiss on the Lips

Maybe you’ve had a dream about being kissed, hopefully not by zombies, and you’re wondering what it could mean. Is there anything in the Bible that tells us how to interpret an intimate experience, such as a kiss in a dream? Does your subconscious attempting to uncover some hidden truth, or is God attempting to reveal something about your life to you? Is your dream kiss a peck on the cheek? Is it on the hand as a sign of respect and submission? Was it a passionate, sensual kiss? What are your thoughts on the kiss? Is it a sign of a new romance or a farewell kiss? What is the biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream? Let’s wait and see. 👀

A kiss is how we humans express our devotion and love for one another, as well as passion. Dream Meaning Kiss on the Lips may soothe, quiet, and even miraculously heal a child’s boo-boo, making them feel much better. A kiss is often the most intimate physical expression in many cultures, but especially in Western societies. This is because a kiss is seen as a sign of love and tenderness. Kissing an amulet or charm also brings luck and fortune. Lottery tickets and betting slips are kissed by gamblers in the hope of increasing their luck. Kissing someone on the nose is unlucky because it usually leads to an argument. If a child spontaneously kisses you after meeting you for the first time, this is considered extremely lucky. 💏

Dreaming of passionate kissing could represent an unfulfilled desire. If you get a kiss on your backside in a dream, it means you’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. Biblical Meaning of a Kiss in a Dream represents approval, encouragement, or supportive behavior. If you kiss someone, it could represent a person or situation that you support. It could also be interpreted as you encouraging yourself in some way. Kissing can also signify approval or respect for one’s abilities. Admiring or encouraging one’s abilities or possibilities.

In Christian culture, a kiss can also be an act of betrayal. It also represents a temporary and permanent farewell. Kisses take on a much more complex, archetypal meaning in fairy tales. A kiss resurrected both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The kiss is associated with rebirth in fairy tales, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual. Just like, through the power of a kiss, a frog 🐸 is magically transformed.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Kissing in a Dream?

Kissing dreams can be gross, strange, or awkward at times. For example, the kiss could be terrible, or you could have something in your mouth preventing you from having a good kiss. All of the details surrounding the kiss are crucial. Take note of your reactions to the kiss, but refrain from passing judgment. These are dream images, also known as symbolic imagery. Always keep in mind that your dreams are aiming to bring you psychological wholeness. 

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Kissing Someone?

Dreaming of other people kissing could represent different aspects of your personality working together or different areas of your life supporting one another. Other possible meanings are-

  • Bad kissing in a dream represents negative feelings about someone else’s approval of you. You may have even received job offers or invitations from people you dislike.
  • Kissing someone’s foot in a dream represents approval or respect for principles. Admiring another person’s morals.
  • Kissing an enemy in a dream represents betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation. Not liking someone kissing you in a dream represents unwelcome praise or approval.
  • Kissing may reflect how much you care about someone or intimate thoughts you have about a crush.
  • A kiss being rejected in a dream represents feelings that your approval or support is rejected or unwelcome. Unwanted kisses may foreshadow upcoming advances from someone you don’t particularly like or care for.
  • If you’re kissing a close friend, the suggestion could simply be a reminder of your admiration and affection for your friend. On the other hand, it could imply that you’re looking for some intimate closeness that you’re missing in your waking relationship. It could indicate a romantic interest for him or her.
  • Dreaming of kissing someone’s hand represents respect.
  • Kissing, in general, is a sign of affection that conveys warmth, happiness, appreciation, passion, tenderness, and connection. However, there is always the possibility of negative connotations. A kiss can be the last kiss, a kiss goodbye, or the kiss of death.

Do not let your fantasies of kissing someone deceive you. If the kiss in your dream was not sexual, don’t interpret it as a sign that you should have a sexual relationship with the person in real life. Your mind is most likely simply acknowledging that this is someone you care about. If the kiss was more passionate and wasn’t with someone like a spouse or someone you’re dating, don’t let that kissing fantasy betray you. If you start dwelling on that kiss, you will lose everything you care about and value, just like that bird darting into a snare. Remove the thought from your head someone kissed me in my dream and it felt real. May you get everything you want either french kissing in dream meaning or dream of kissing a stranger meaning.

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