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Best strikers with high potential in EA FC 24 Career Mode

In the dynamic world of EA FC 24 Career Mode, crafting a formidable squad is essential, and the linchpin of your team’s success often lies with your strikers. Scoring goals is the name of the game, but true mastery in Career Mode transcends the present, requiring you to plan for the future. To navigate the intricate world of FIFA, we’ve scoured the database to bring you a comprehensive list of the best high-potential strikers who can transform your club into a powerhouse.

Building Your Career Mode Dynasty

Manager Career mode, a beloved staple of the EA FC 24 community, has seen a resurgence in recent times. Enthusiastic managers are now taking their clubs on a journey from the obscurity of lower leagues to the grandeur of Champions League glory. In this pursuit, the key to a successful Career Mode is twofold – signing top players for your immediate needs and nurturing young talents who promise a brighter tomorrow. Among the various positions, the role of a striker stands out as pivotal, making it imperative to secure a marksman who not only excels in the present but also promises exponential growth in the future.

Erling Haaland: A Striker with Exceptional Potential

Erling Haaland is a name that resonates with every FIFA enthusiast, and in EA FC 24 Career Mode, he is a beacon of promise. Haaland’s potential for growth in this mode is nothing short of impressive. While his initial rating is already formidable, it’s his capacity to become even better that sets him apart. For those who choose to nurture him, Haaland can evolve into a truly world-class striker.

The Elite Strikers

EA FC 24 Career Mode boasts a treasure trove of young, promising strikers, ready to mature into superstars. However, this isn’t limited to just the young guns. Seasoned goal-getters who have reached the prime of their careers but still hold untapped potential are also part of the mix. These are players who can be the difference-makers in your squad. But the roster of high-potential strikers doesn’t end here.

Players with Room to Grow

In addition to the budding stars and established heroes, there are other seasoned pros who have yet to reach their zenith. These prolific strikers already dominate the scene but still possess the potential to climb to new heights. In the list we’ve assembled, we’ve included players who can operate in the center-forward (CF) or striker (ST) positions and have the potential to increase their ratings by at least one point according to the SoFIFA database.

E. Haaland2291Manchester City (2022 ~ 2027)€185M€340K94
K. Mbappé2491Paris Saint Germain (2018 ~ 2024)€181.5M€230K94
Rodrygo2285Real Madrid (2019 ~ 2028)€86.5M€210K91
Rafael Leão2486Milan (2019 ~ 2028)€102.5M€110K91
V. Osimhen2488Napoli (2020 ~ 2025)€126.5M€120K91
L. Martínez2587Inter (2018 ~ 2026)€107M€150K90
R. Højlund2076Manchester United (2023 ~ 2028)€18M€72K89
E. Wahi2078Lens (2023 ~ 2028)€31M€31K88
D. Núñez2482Liverpool (2022 ~ 2028)€48.5M€120K88
Ansu Fati2078Brighton & Hove Albion (Loan)€31M€95K88
D. Vlahović2383Juventus (2022 ~ 2026)€55.5M€125K88
Ferran Torres2382FC Barcelona (2022 ~ 2027)€48M€150K88
C. Nkunku2586Chelsea (2023 ~ 2029)€86.5M€185K88
M. Rashford2585Manchester United (2015 ~ 2028)€71.5M€185K88
J. Duranville1766Borussia Dortmund (2023 ~ 2027)€2.7M€1K87
Yeremy Pino2079Villarreal (2020 ~ 2027)€38.5M€27K87
Gonçalo Ramos2280Paris Saint Germain (Loan)€43M€17K87
K. Adeyemi2180Borussia Dortmund (2022 ~ 2027)€43M€38K87
Sancet2381Athletic Club (2017 ~ 2032)€40.5M€31K87
João Félix2381FC Barcelona (Loan)€41M€60K87
Y. Moukoko1877Borussia Dortmund (2020 ~ 2026)€22.5M€18K87
R. Kolo Muani2484Paris Saint Germain (2023 ~ 2028)€58.5M€110K87
K. Havertz2482Arsenal (2023 ~ 2028)€46M€110K87
E. Nuamah1972Olympique Lyonnais (Loan)€5.5M€10K86
M. Tel1871FC Bayern München (2022 ~ 2027)€4.4M€14K86
N. Weiper1866FSV Mainz 05 (2022 ~ 2025)€2.4M€3K86
E. Ferguson1874Brighton & Hove Albion (2021 ~ 2028)€10M€26K86
G. Raspadori2379Napoli (2023 ~ 2028)€35.5M€54K86
F. Balogun2179Monaco (2023 ~ 2028)€36M€46K86
J. Álvarez2380Manchester City (2022 ~ 2028)€33.5M€115K86
L. Openda2382RB Leipzig (2023 ~ 2028)€44M€65K86
T. Kubo2280Real Sociedad (2022 ~ 2027)€34M€37K86
A. Isak2381Newcastle United (2022 ~ 2028)€39.5M€110K86

Securing Your Club’s Goalscoring Future

By adding any of these high-potential strikers to your EA FC 24 Career Mode squad, you’re not just ensuring goals in the present, but you’re investing in the future of your club. However, it’s important to note that the contract details, values, and wages mentioned here are based on the outset of a new save and are subject to change over time.

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Master your FIFA game, build your dream squad, and conquer Career Mode with these high-potential strikers. Your club’s glory awaits.

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