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Best goalkeepers in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

In the realm of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, the significance of having a top-tier goalkeeper cannot be overstated. A skilled goalkeeper can single-handedly alter the course of a match, proving invaluable in critical moments such as penalty shootouts and free-kicks. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the definitive list of the best goalkeepers in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, meticulously curated based on their in-game ratings. If you aspire to elevate your gameplay and enhance your defensive prowess, read on to discover the custodians who will safeguard your team’s net with unparalleled proficiency.

Crafting Victory with a Balanced Team

Securing victories in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team hinges on the assembly of a well-rounded squad that encompasses every facet of the beautiful game – from a formidable attack, rock-solid defense, to a midfield that orchestrates plays with finesse. Yet, in the midst of crafting your dream team, the goalkeeper’s role should not be underestimated. A quick save during a counter-attack, a crucial stop during a corner, or a game-changing dive in the dying moments of the match can turn the tide in your favor. Your goalkeeper, undoubtedly, is your last line of defense and your first line of attack. Therefore, choosing the right guardian of your goal is paramount.

The Best Goalkeepers in EA FC 24

Now, let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter. Who are the unrivaled goalkeepers in EA FC 24? Here’s a meticulously curated list that unveils the creased-jersey heroes who will serve as the bedrock of your Ultimate Team:

1. Thibaut Courtois – The Pinnacle of Goalkeeping Excellence

Thibaut Courtois stands tall as the highest-rated goalkeeper in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. With his remarkable reflexes, commanding presence in the box, and unparalleled shot-stopping abilities, Courtois is a formidable force to be reckoned with between the posts. His inclusion in your team is akin to fortifying your goal with an impenetrable shield.

2. Gregor Kobel – The Dortmund Dynamo

Gregor Kobel’s phenomenal season at Borussia Dortmund has earned him a deserved place among the best goalkeepers in the game. His agility and agility are second to none, making him a prime choice for those seeking a shot-stopper who can pull off acrobatic saves to thwart the opposition.

3. Andre Onana – The Ajax Marvel

Andre Onana’s stellar performances for Inter Milan have not gone unnoticed, and his EA FC 24 rating reflects his excellence. His incredible reflexes and anticipation are complemented by his ability to initiate quick counter-attacks with pinpoint distribution. Onana is a goalkeeper who adds an offensive dimension to your defense.

4. Ederson – The Resilient Custodian

Ederson may have received a slight downgrade despite Manchester City’s triumphant season, but he remains a top-five goalkeeper in EA FC 24. His ability to initiate plays with long, precise passes, coupled with excellent shot-stopping skills, cements his place among the elite shot-stoppers.

5. Marc-André ter Stegen, Alisson Becker, and Jan Oblak

These distinguished goalkeepers are not to be overlooked. Marc-André ter Stegen, Alisson Becker, and Jan Oblak, while not in the top three, bring exceptional skills and reliability to your team. Ter Stegen’s composure under pressure, Alisson’s sweeping saves, and Jan Oblak’s cat-like reflexes make them formidable choices to guard your goal.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Best Goalkeepers List

#1Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid90
#2Marc-Andre ter StegenBarcelona+189
#3Alisson BeckerLiverpool89
#4EdersonManchester City-188
#5Jan OblakAtletico Madrid-188
#6Christiane EndlerLyon88
#7Mike MaignanA.C. Milan87
#8Gregor KobelBorussia Dortmund+487
#9Sandra PanosBarcelona-187
#10Gianluigi DonnarummaPSG-187
#11Manuel NeuerBayern Munich-387
#12Mary EarpsManchester United+286
#13Wojciech SzczesnyJuventus86
#14Yassine BounouAl-Hilal+185
#15Merle FrohmsWolfsburg85
#16Emiliano MartinezAston Villa+185
#17Keylor NavasPSG-385
#18Andre OnanaManchester United+385
#19Kailen SheridanSan Diego Wave85
#20Kevin TrappEinchtrach Frankfurt-185


In the ever-competitive realm of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, the choice of goalkeeper can truly be the defining factor in your success. These custodians we’ve highlighted possess the qualities to elevate your gameplay, enhance your defensive stability, and turn the tide of matches in your favor. Consider their attributes, style of play, and how they complement your team’s overall strategy when selecting the goalkeeper who will guard your goal. Remember, in the world of virtual football, victory often begins and ends with the gloves worn by your chosen guardian.

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