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Arknights Lingering Echoes Event Guide (Ebenholz, Blue Poison, Hibiscus)

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This post is dedicated to Arknights Lingering Echoes Event Guide only which is going to be live till 10th January 2023. Arknights is holding one of the most anticipated updates together with a brand new event – Lingering Echoes. This update brings several new gameplay updates which we will go into in another article and an event named Lingering Echoes with brand new characters, new event-exclusive furniture, and items, and the introduction of a brand new 6* Operator – the 6* Mystic Caster Ebenholz.

Witness a tale of intrigue and resistance in the Lingering Echoes event

The story takes place at Leithanien, which has grabbed the attention of Rhodes Island due to the recent phenomenon of infected people there healing themselves. Meanwhile, Czerny, the famous infected composer is holding a farewell concert in which Ebenholz and Kreide will experience a story of intrigue and resistance. The event “Lingering Echoes” lasts from 27 December 2022 to 10 January 2023 (UTC-7) and the second phase “Back Alleys” will be live from 3 January 2023 (UTC-7).

The “Lingering Echoes” event runs from December 27, 2022, to January 10, 2023 (UTC-7), while the “Back Alleys” second phase goes live on January 3, 2023. (UTC-7).

In this guide, you are going to learn about the details of a brand new event called “Lingering Echoes” where you can get rewards from the event.

Arknights Limited Time Event – Lingering Echoes

Lingering Echoes is one of the major updates for the Arknights with multiple rewards available for all the players during this event period. Players will be able to claim event exclusive rewards such as a free welfare Czerny, special furniture, and 3 Headhunting Tickets.

Lingering Echoes – Main Event Battle Stages

The special event stages will be available here for a limited time and players need to clear out all the stages to experience the full story of the event. You need to clear all of the event stages to clear all the event’s missions to gain the originiums for stage first-clears. 

To clear the missions, players need to finish all of the event battle stages to the challenge stages. All of the missions will only counts the first clear of each stage so for any players who have finished the event before, will need to clear the stages once again in order to claim the mission reward.

Lingering Echoes – Special Challenge Stages

Special challenge stages will also be available for all players to attempt to clear. There are two modes players need to clear – the normal stages and challenge mode stages. Each of the modes will reward players with 1 Originites for each first-clears of the stages, rewarding up to 16 Originites in total for players to gain from these stages.

Lingering Echoes – Event Shop

This time special rewards will be available for all players in the event shop, including special Czerny Tokens needed to be used to up his potential level and upgrade his power, special headhunting tickets (up to 3 tickets), LMDs, EXP cards and special furnitures to complete the event specific furniture set. In addition, special items to help strengthen operator module levels are now also available in the shop for purchase, so players should also prioritize them.

Lingering Echoes- Special Event Welfare – Czerny

The event-specific welfare Operator Czerny will be available for all players to claim through clearing missions and event shops and can be upgraded to max potential once players have claimed all of his tokens in the shop. Czerny, a 5-star defender, is only temporarily accessible as the bonus operator during the tournament. By completing the event stages, doctors can also obtain the new furnishings, the Afterglow-Styled Music Room, and other items from the Composer’s Mailbox, such as the Headhunting Permit, Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records, and Furniture Parts.

Blue Poison is a returning operator who seems to be the filler for this banner. Hibiscus the Purifier is the alternate form of the 3-star healer, Hibiscus. Ebenholz belongs to a rare class of caster known as the Mystic Casters.

Arknights launches new side story “ Lingering Echoes”, alongside new Ebenholz banner. New outfits have also been added to the Achievement Star Collection. It includes Light Gun Adjuster for Aosta, Trendsetting Player for Kirara, and Sport For All for Flametail. That’s all for the Arknights Lingering Echoes Event Guide. Read more Gaming guides too.

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