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Dinkum: All Tele Towers Location and Activation Guide

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Reet Kaur

Dinkum is new game where all the aspects are roaming around an island inspired by the Australian outback. When I started playing the Dinkum game, I have seen a tower because that’s where the game begins. There’s not much information about the Dinkum tele towers and activation guide, but, I tried my best to put up with everything. This guide is going to be all about the activation of tele towers in Dinkum and where they are actually related to.

Tele Tower Locations in Dinkum: The Much Needed Guide

So, there are four Tele Towers in Dinkum and each of them are opsitioned at a different pole of map.

  • North
  • East
  • West
  • South
Source: Quoramarketing

How to Activate the Tele Towers in Dinkum? (Everything You Need to Know)

Once we have located the Tele Towers, we need to activate them with a bunch of other items. 3 Green Board, 2 Hot Cylinder, 1 Smooth Slate, 8 Bright Wire, and 1 Shiny Disc are needed for activation. To simply activate the tower, a map will started appearing with the option to teleport the another tower. We have so many other options to teleport to another tower.

So, that’s all about the activation guide for tele towers in Dinkum.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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