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All Laver Resource Locations in Tower of Fantasy – Updated Guide

We wanderers need to explore the shorelines of the Banges region in the Asperia to get the Laver resources for cooking of Bounties in the Tower of Fantasy. There are so many resources to hunt in the game and most of them are abundant and found in most areas. Yes, it is difficult to be found but this guide post for all laver resource locations in the tower of fantasy can help you to do so.

One thing that is difficult to get and time-consuming is Lavers and this seaweed comes from the ocean only.

Where to find Lavers in Tower of Fantasy Game?

A little bit of progress is necessary to find the Lavers and you must reach at least the second chapter of the game before collecting it. They are found on the coast of the Banges. Like when we start the second chapter of the game, we will be in the Banges region, near the Banges Pier. Seaweed is good for you and you can find out the Laver in Tower of Fantasy here.

West Aesperia (Banges) Laver Spawn Locations

There are 10 locations to be precise where Laver Spawns in Tower of Fantasy can be found. Laver is rare as mentioned above and you can seek out this purple seaweed on Banges western beaches to interact and pick it up. Be careful of the Hyana members as they get you in trouble.

How to Use and What to do with Lavers in Tower of Fantasy?

They are not much use to eat them on your own, then they will restore two Satiety points to your character. To cook this, you can use it to create Caviar Sushi and Seaweed and Egg Soup to restore your character’s health and give them more Satiety points. The Caviar Sushi is much more effective as it restores 16% + 34,000 HP to your Wanderer. All Laver Resource Locations in Tower of Fantasy is completed here.

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