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4 Marvel Snap DECKS For Beginners that are ABSOLUTELY Insane

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You just joined the game and looking for a new deck to rush to max rank? are you looking for a new deck for more fun and challenges? still not able to beat the silver gold with pool 1 and 2 cards? or if you need the DECKS For Beginners in marvel snap to beat the game but for beginners only. Then you came to the right place. Marvel Snap Best DECKS For Beginners

Marvel Snap Best DECKS For Beginners

Let’s start it without wasting any time on other things about the game. You can read more about the game on their official website or wiki respectively. Anyways, here is the list of the best beginner’s friendly decks available right to beat the game with ease.

  • Ka-Zoo Deck
  • 3D Deck – Dino Delight Deck
  • Spectrum Ongoing Deck
  • On-Reveal Odin


One of the most prominent & well-known decks to date. it got loads of love at the time of the launch. At an earlier stage, people were trying different but cost-effective and f2p-friendly decks as beginners. And believe me, Kazoo worked way well and performed even better according to the expectations.

Well, known in the community as Kazoo because Kazar is the most effective card of the entire deck. Your full gameplay revolved around KAZAR from the beginning till the end. it has a 4-cost, 4-power card with an Ongoing effect where all of your one-cost cards get one extra power. I’ve tried ad tested this deck a lot and it really worked far better and overwhelmed my expectations.

The Deck Tech is damm simple to understand, as you can see in the above snapshot it has loads of 1-cost cards and you need to buff them up with the ongoing effect of KAZAR all the time till the end when Blue Marvel & Onslaught join the group and buff the entire deck even more and more.

And if you ask about alternative cards and options then I would love to suggest that can be done by replacing them with Blade, Bishop, and Yondu. You can get Ironman on the board instead of Onslaught and America Chavez.

Note: Although Kazoo Deck is the top performing DECKS For Beginners in the marvel snap world it struggles a lot again Enchantress and Killmonger cards

3D Deck – Dino Delight Deck

If you really need a deck to clear the game content with ease then just close your eyes and follow this deck. You should get it ready as soon as possible. If you want any help to grind new cards as soon as possible then you can contact us for further assistance in discord. 

Anyways, I have been playing with this deck since day 1 and I faced no issue destroying opponents at all. It works almost against any deck. It has massive damage possibilities with power from double dino or maybe from the Iron man and Chavez combo. Your 5th and 6th turn can produce different outcomes all the time. 

If you really wanna learn to play this deck then I have already explained 3D Deck in a special guide for Dino Deck. Kindly follow and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about DECKS For Beginners

Spectrum Ongoing Deck

One of the most powerful, safe, secure and destructive annoying decks of the game. There are plenty of ongoing deck variants available there but most of them got some issues and drawbacks. For example, I have shared the one in this post already the “Kazoo” also utilises the power of ongoing ability. 

But as I already accepted and cleared in the post itself Kazoo struggled a lot with Enchantress and Killmonger because of less safe and security aspects for our ongoing cards. 

Now to explain a bit of the deck mechanics, It’s genuinely very issue to follow stuff. You need to distribute all of your cards in two locations and leave one empty for Namor as it doubles its power if alone (location abilities matters a lot) and you can even buff the Namor with Klaw and Mister Fantastic and win the single location with one card only.

And in the later stage of the game, Spectrum plays an important role in even buffing all ongoing cards for more power and achieving true dominance in the game. 

There are some points to keep in mind that Enchantress still can counter and break your entire plan but remember Cosmo can block her if you know how to place Cosmos properly. 

Every deck has huge advantages and drawbacks over another one. But spectrum ongoing seems to have a clean edge over others because of its offensive and defensive nature altogether

Odin Reveal Deck

So, last on the list but not least, THE REVEAL- THE ODIN. Another distinctive and vivid deck in the Marvel Snap game. There are loads of decks available to use like movement, destroy, control, etc with more and more potential and game-breaking elements but The Reveal with The Odin’s satisfaction level is next to the GOD tier. 

Let me explain the mechanisms with a simple example. I assume you know how The Reveal ability works so I’m not gonna explain the SHIT (lol).

Suppose you have placed the cards with the Reveal ability in the same location and all of them already perform their tasks as they activated it just after the turn when the card gets revealed. Now, if you place THE ODIN (4th card) in the same location. It will reactivate the revel abilities of all 3 cards once again providing the super powerful buff to other cards as well eq. iron heart buffs the other cards once again with the help of Odin.

And if these cards are on the location named “Kamar-Taj” then it will reactivate the reveal ability 4 times respectively which will definitely win you a game. 

Ironheart and White Tiger work too much better when combined with THE ODIN. this is one of the most broken combinations of the game and way way way hard to beat.

Hope you like the content and post if you have any questions or suggestions kindly drop a comment below and subscribe to the channel for more marvel snap video content Cya another day! 

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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